Membership Information
Membership in the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society is open to anyone interested in the art of bonsai, regardless of level of expertise. A strong organization depends on its members, and we encourage an active membership. Regular participation in club programs and activities benefits all members.

Those who live outside the greater New Orleans area may receive club information via this website.

Memberships are available at $30.00 per year for individuals and $35.00 per year for families.

To print the Greater New Orleans Bonsai Society application form, just click the link below.

We invite you to fill out and mail us the form, and/or pass it along to a friend or family member. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

GNOBS Club Application


Why join a bonsai club?
You might ask – why join a bonsai club. After all there are numerous bonsai books. Books are great for learning about style, wiring, techniques etc. but there are several problems with just learning from books. Books won’t give you the proper timing for tasks like potting for our area. If you follow the schedule written in a book published in England for example – you will almost certainly kill quite a few trees. They also won’t have specific advice on species that will or will not live in our area. Books unlike clubs also can’t offer you the camaraderie and advice of other bonsai artists or the opportunity to work with some truly great bonsai masters. Read your books – but come see us to find out what a club can offer.


Bonsai as a Hobby
If you are unfamiliar with bonsai and considering membership, you may have  fears of how expensive or difficult it may be or how long it will take to have a nice tree. Bonsai can be expensive if you wish to purchase specimen trees – but as a novice you usually begin with common garden center material like junipers or low to moderately priced pre-bonsai. Even members who are much further along don’t generally purchase finished trees. Many of our trees are acquired through club workshops  where the club purchases very nice material at a discount and passes those savings along to members.

As far as difficulty goes, the basics of bonsai are relatively easy to learn. The pace at which you develop as a bonsai artist depends on your dedication. Some members are content to care for a small number of easy to maintain trees while others are constantly studying, pushing to perfect their style and maintaining a large collection. It’s up to you how you want to pursue bonsai as a hobby.

Another misconception about bonsai is that it will take you years before you have a nice looking tree. While it’s true, with some species and depending on the material, it may take you several years to develop a tree – it is also possible to develop a nice tree in an afternoon from a $15 juniper you bought at Home Depot.

The whole point of this is – don’t be intimidated by bonsai as a hobby. It took me a couple of years of looking at bonsai and talking to people before I jumped in. Now I can’t imagine why I would have been afraid. It has become for me a hobby and a passion. I hope it becomes one for you as well.